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Guys Choice Awards 2013: Affleck, Vaughn, Wahlberg honored with "mantlers"

Ben Affleck, Vince Vaughn, Mark Wahlbergand Burt Reynolds were just some of the big-name winners to take home "mantlers" at the 2013 Spike Guys Choice Awards.

Billed as the manliest night in Hollywood, all bets were off at the cable network's annual awards show, with a real adult-sized giraffe parading around on stage throughout much of the night.

The star-studded ceremony was taped in Culver City, Calif., on Saturday but didn't air on the Spike network until Wednesday night.

First held in 2007, the Guys Choice ceremony puts a fresh spin on standard Hollywood awards show fare. Instead of receiving a typical statuette or trophy, winners are instead presented with a "mantler," made up of gold-colored deer antlers representing a buck. Fans and viewers vote for the winners in each of the award categories, which change from year to year. Some of this year's fields included most "manticipated" movie, given to "Man of Steel," and the "guycon" award, which went to Vaughn.

Celebrities usually treat the event as a comical occasion, and this year was no exception.

Jennifer Anistonroasted Jimmy Kimmel onstage, making fun of the fact that he interviews people more famous than he is. But it was all in good fun. The former "Friends" actress presented the late-night host with the funniest M.F. (you can guess what that stands for) award.

Reynolds accepted the alpha male honor from presenter Wahlberg, who serenaded his "Boogie Nights" co-star with a rendition of "The Touch."

"He was a better singer when he was Marky Mark," the "Smokey and The Bandit" star quipped onstage.

Wahlberg himself took home a mantler, along with Seth MacFarlane for "Ted," which won guy movie of the year. The two stars belted out their "thunder buddies" song from the movie in appreciation of the award.

Jake Gyllenhaal was almost unrecognizable when he paid homage to Jeff Bridges by dressing up in full costume as the iconic Dude character from "The Big Lebowski."

There were plenty of laughs, but there was also a patriotic theme throughout the night.

"This is for our troops," Vin Diesel said while surrounded by members of the U.S. armed forces as he accepted the troops choice entertainer of the year honor.

Men weren't the only ones to win big at the awards show. "Community" star Alison Brie beat out "Girls" cast member Allison Williams for the hottest al(l)ison prize. Model Chrissy Tiegen also won a mantler in the "our new girlfriend" field.

Affleck took home the night's top honor, winning guy of the year. The award was presented by Clint Eastwood. Watch Affleck's acceptance speech below.

You can find a complete list of the 2013 Spike Guys Choice Awards winners here.