Mark Wahlberg "trying to be a pro" after Boston bombing

Mark Wahlberg -- a Boston native -- admitted that he was having a tough time doing his job on the New York red carpet Monday night.

Following Monday afternoon's deadly bombing at the Boston Marathon, which left at least three dead and more than 175 injured, the "Pain and Gain" star got candid in an interview with about trying to put on a good face at a movie premiere in the immediate aftermath of a tragedy in his hometown.

"None of this sh** is important," Wahlberg said at the premiere. "We're dealing with real life and innocent people getting hurt. It's disgusting, man."

He added, "It's horrible, man. I'm trying to be a pro and be out here doing my job. This stuff doesn't mean anything compared to what's happening in the real world."

At the time of our interview, Wahlberg still didn't know if all of his friends and family members in Boston were OK.

"I spoke to my Mom. I really haven't spoken to anybody else. We obviously don't know what exactly happened....Our thoughts and our prayers go out to everybody...And that's all we can do right now," he said.