Gustavo The Great

Bob Simon Profiles One Of The Biggest Stars In Classical Music, Gustavo Dudamel

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And there's no place better to showcase those abilities than Lucerne, Switzerland, home to the world's most revered orchestra festival.

Gustavo was in town with his wife Eloisa to conduct the Vienna Philharmonic. In between rehearsals, he cloistered himself in his hotel room studying the score for one of the biggest performances of his life.

"Is this the first time you're conducting the Vienna Philharmonic?" Simon asks.

"It's my first time in real version of the orchestra. I was conducting when I was a kid," Dudamel says.

"In your imagination," Simon asks.

"In my imagination yes, I remember, when I was six years old, I was conducting all this concert in my house. But now it's real," Dudamel explains.

Every conductor knows what he wants from an orchestra and it's his job to get it. So here was this kid from Venezuela telling musicians from the venerated Vienna Philharmonic, many of whom were old enough to be his grandparents, that what he wanted from them was blood!

"Is good this but the blood is not coming. You know, you are killing really good, really wild but it's without blood. The blood need to be in your face - wham - wham - wham - now we have blood. A lot!" he told them.

"When you're conducting you look like you're utterly transported. Can you describe what's going through your mind?" Simon asks.

"It's depends about how I feel. You know you can make different pictures of what is happening. But always is different," Dudamel says.

Gustavo doesn't rely only on his hands to let the orchestra know how he wants them to play. He tells the musicians what he wants them to feel.

"But this is like, it's beautiful but, it's like you are telling something like 'You know, I love you. I want to kiss you, hey.' No. It's something like you are here very close, and you say: 'I love you!' And she will be 'Ooh! Yes!' We are telling, we are speaking to her or to him, whatever, really normal and we need to convince her to go to the church. And…," he told the musicians.

The performance was a triumph, and it brought even the taciturn Swiss to their feet.

When it was over, the wunderkind was drained.

"This was a big party , I feel very happy, I have more energy now," Dudamel tells Simon.