Gun Found in Bomb Suspect's Car, Sources Say

An FBI agent carries on object from a home in Bridgeport, Conn. Tuesday morning May 4, 2010. FBI searched a home in Bridgeport where Faisal Shahzad lived. Shahzad was arrest in connection with the failed Times Square car bomb. their homes. (AP Photo/Douglas Healey).
AP Photo/Douglas Healey
A Federal law enforcement source told CBS News that components from the incendiary device left in a smoking SUV in Times Square Saturday evening were found in the suspect's Connecticut apartment.

A 9 mm handgun with extra clips was also discovered in Faisal Shahzad's car at New York's JFK International Airport, CBS News' Len Tepper reports.

Shahzad, a naturalized American citizen of Pakistani descent, was taken into custody last night.

Components from the device that were found in Shahzad's Bridgeport, Conn., apartment last night include the boxes for the clocks that were wired to the Nissan Pathfinder's explosive contents.

His Connecticut apartment was still being searched by law enforcement agents early Tuesday morning.

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Officials also told CBS News that the plane Shahzad boarded for the United Arab Emirates was never going to leave JFK; law enforcement had already notified authorities that the plane was not to take off.

Emirates Flight 201 had taxied from the gate but was returned, when Shahzad was arrested arrested by U.S. Customs and Border Enforcement officers.

Sources also told CBS News that Shahzad had made a call to Emirates to either make the reservation or confirm his reservation while on route to the airport.