When I was 16, I worked at Ruby Tuesday's…..for four days. My "career" came to an abrupt end when I told a customer who was inquiring about the "Soup of the Day", that the soup wasn't exactly from today. My manager, Todd was not happy. I was told to turn in my "official" green polo shirt, and walk my regulation, black, "slip-free" sneakers out of the restaurant, forever.

Now, a consumer nutrition group wants restaurant chains, like Ruby Tuesday, to list information on the menu that is a whole lot more revealing than secret of the Chicken Soup. The Center for Science in the Public Interest wants to require chains to list nutritional information on the menus. At the very least, the calories and fat of each item.

Ruby Tuesdays does keep a complete list of fat and calories in each item for customers. (It's just not printed on the menu) Armed with the list, I asked diners at Ruby Tuesday if they wanted to know how many calories their lunch had. Blank faces. Few takers. How about that dessert? No, thanks. They were out to eat to have a good time and let's face it… calories and fat content are a bit of a buzz kill.

Like my old manager Todd so accurately pointed out just before he fired me: sometimes, the truth...just makes you lose your appetite.