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Guard against security risks when traveling

(MoneyWatch) Summer is finally here, and many of us will take summer trips, whether local or international. But taking a vacation doesn't mean taking a break from security. Antivirus maker Kaspersky Labs has assembled an infographic with tips for staying safe and secure when traveling this year. Here are the highlights you should keep in mind when planning your next trip:

Beware of travel spam. This is the time of year that travel spam mushrooms. Many e-mails promising great deals are, of course, phishing expeditions. Use security software with anti-phishing features to proactively block this kind of mail. And always be careful when clicking on any links.

Don't lose your frequent-flier miles. Hopefully, by now you know not to click links in mail that purport to directly open online financial accounts. The same goes for your frequent-flier accounts. Always navigate there by typing the URL or by using a saved bookmark in your browser.

Watch out for vacation rental scams. Before sending money or personal information, talk to the property owner on the phone and be sure to use a credit card so you can dispute charges if necessary. I personally ran into a fake property listing, and I can attest that they can look quite genuine.

Don't fall for bogus Wi-Fi hotspots. It's easy for crooks to set up free hotspots in locations where you expect to find service, such as coffee shops, restaurants and airports. Always ask an employee for the name of the network so you don't accidentally give someone access to your computer.

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