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'Grey's Anatomy' Quarrel United Cast

"Grey's Anatomy" actors Isaiah Washington, T.R. Knight and Patrick Dempsey told Oprah Winfrey on Friday that their recent on-set argument has actually brought them closer.

"I think we've all really learned a lot from this experience and we're much tighter because of it," said Patrick Dempsey, who plays handsome Dr. "McDreamy" Shepherd. "What happens, I think, we need just to be open and to be able to communicate and not let things build up and we've come to that point. It's much freer to communicate with each other and we're more relaxed with each other because of it."

Isaiah Washington, who plays Dr. Burke, was at the center of the argument, which some reports said was over lateness to the set.

"I lost my cool but it wasn't coming out of a place of animosity for Patrick or T.R.," said Washington. "It was about trying to stay focused about the work."

Washington said that the actual argument was only a few seconds long and that it never got physical.

It turns out that the mediator in the argument was Jerome Pickens Jr., who plays the actors' boss Dr. Webber, better known as the Chief.

He took the three actors to a separate room and made them iron things out.

"I was like the hall monitor," Pickens quipped. "There was a beef, it was squelched right there, we got a chance to go ahead and air some stuff, it was done, and we went back to work."

Oprah's show Friday was taped on the "Grey's Anatomy" set and featured interviews with all the actors and satellite feeds from fan gatherings in Chicago, New York and L.A.

In the last segment of the show Oprah chatted with the show's creator and executive producer, Shonda Rhimes.

Digging for spoilers, Oprah asked if there would be a wedding on the show this season.

"Hmm," Rhimes said, with the cast giggling behind her. "Weddings are nice."