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Greensburg: A Story Of Revival

The story of Greensburg, Kan. is one of determination and sheer will -- of residents who wouldn't and won't let their town die in the wake of a ferocious, massive tornado that laid waste to it on May 4, 2007.

The locals refuse to give up on themselves, or their community.

They are rebuilding.

And The Early Show is helping, and chronicling it all in a special, weeklong series; "Tragedy To Triumph: Greensburg Rising."

As residents put the pieces of their lives, and Greensburg itself, back together, they're keeping an eye on the environment, determined to make theirs the greenest town in the land.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What Makes Tornadoes Go

Early Show weatherman and features reporter Dave Price stood inside a Greensburg grocery story, pointing to the items the funnel left behind even as it literally sucked most of what was inside, out -- to emphasize the fickle nature of twisters.

He then looked at the phenomenon that is a tornado, saying, "If ever there was a reminder of the power of nature's fury, we certainly saw that (Monday) ... in Virginia, especially at this time of year, when warm, moist air on the ground collides, with cold, dry air. That often spells disaster. Price used vivid videos of twisters to make his points.

Price then discussed it further, with Discovery Channel "storm chaser" Reed Timmer, a PhD. candidate in meteorology at the University of Oklahoma.

Check out Building "Green"How do you build a "green" house? Early Show co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez explored Greensburg's decision to go green as it rebuilds. And Maggie learned more from none other than Steve Thomas, host of the new Planet Green program, "Renovation Nation." You may also recognize Thomas from his 14 years as host of "This Old House":

Story Of SurvivalWhen the tornado ripped through Greensburg, it wiped out the town's General Motors dealership. Its owner's parents rode out the deadly storm in the basement. They're OK, and the business is being rebuilt. The owner, Ron Shank, looked back, and ahead with Maggie:
Playground To Be Fun, Green ShowcaseMaggie and Dave chatted with landscape architect Tim Duggan, of BNIM Architects, at the future site of Greensburg's Big Well Park where, in a few short days, a new, eco-friendly playground will be finished. We're rolling up our sleeves, helping to get the job done!
Hurricane, Twisters ComparedMaggie was in Miami when Hurricane Andrew hit, and compared her memories of that fierce, killer storm to what she sees of what the funnel left behind in Greensburg:
Truckloads of Donations ArriveFAO Schwarz, Scholastic, Inc., and G-Diapers contributed toys, library books, and, of course, diapers, respectively!:

We're working alongside a team from Planet Green, which launches on June 4, and with Pilgrim Television and Films. The 13-part Planet Green series "Greensburg" premieres Sunday, June 15. The series is co-produced by Planet Green, Pilgrim, and Leonardo DiCaprio's production company, Appian Way. Planet Green is Discovery Communications' global, cross-company initiative with a commitment to document, preserve and celebrate the planet, including the 24-hour television network in more than 50 million homes.

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