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Grading the 2010 NFL Draft: 1st Round senior writer Pete Prisco analyzes each pick from the 2010 NFL Draft, grading each team on their draft-night selections.

No.1: Rams select Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma, GRADE: A
Analysis: The Rams had no choice. This kid is a franchise player. He will be a star. They have their quarterback for the next 12 years.

No. 2: Lions select Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska, GRADE: B+
Analysis: The Lions need help on their defensive line and Suh will be a force for Jim Schwartz. He is big, fast and nasty. Just what you want. They could have gone offensive tackle here.

No. 3: Buccaneers select Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma, GRADE: A
Analysis: After doing the work on this kid, I actually liked him better than Suh. He will be a better inside pass rusher. He is quick. The Bucs have Warren Sapp without the garbage.

No. 4: Redskins select Trent Williams, OT, Oklahoma, GRADE: B+
Analysis: He fits their system better than Okung. He is more athletic. We know Mike Shanahan likes that in his linemen. He will be a 10-year starter.

No. 5: Chiefs select Eric Berry, S, Tennessee, GRADE: B-
Analysis: I think this is too high for a safety. The value isn't there at that position. They have other needs. I just don't think he's worth a top 5 pick. He's good. But he isn't great.

No. 6: Seahawks select Russell Okung, OT, Oklahoma State, GRADE: B+
Analysis: This is a value pick for the Seahawks. They needed to replace Water Jones and this kid will do it. He is a good player and he fills a major need. I like the pick.

No. 7: Browns select Joe Haden, CB, Florida, GRADE: B+
Analysis: They needed a corner and the word was they liked Kyle Wilson. I like Haden. He is a smooth cover corner who will start right away.

No. 8: Raiders select Rolando McClain, ILB, Alabama, GRADE: C+
Analysis: He's a good player, but is there value there? They could have taken a premier pass rusher. They do have troubles with the run defense, but Jason Pierre-Paul was a better pick.

No. 9: Bills select C.J. Spiller, RB, Clemson, GRADE: A
Analysis: I love this pick. The kid will be the next Chris Johnson. He can fly. The Bills need a playmaker. If they don't take a QB, they had to help the offense.

No. 10: Jaguars select Tyson Alualu, DT, Cal, GRADE: C-
Analysis: Wow. Is this high? The kid is a good football player, but they could have traded back to get him. Why not a pass rusher? Pierre-Paul was a better pick. He's good, but this is high.

No. 11: 49ers select Anthony Davis, OT, Rutgers, GRADE: C
Analysis: This is a reach. He is a good player, but this is high. He has some character issues, but they proved with Michael Crabtree last year that doesn't matter. He does fill a need.

No. 12: Chargers select Ryan Mathews, RB, Fresno State: GRADE: C-
Analysis: They wanted a back, and went and got one. This is high. You don't trade up to get a back. He's just not worth it. They could have waited until the second round. Backs can be found later.

No. 13: Eagles select Brandon Graham, OLB, Michigan, GRADE: A
Analysis: Love this pick. Love the aggression to go get him. He is a big-time pass rusher. He will be an immediate impact player in their defense. I like this pick as much as any.

No. 14: Seahawks select Earl Thomas, S, Texas, GRADE: B+
Analysis: They have a huge hole at safety, so this makes sense. He has the range you like in a cover safety. I really like this pick. They filled two big needs in this round.

No. 15: Giants select Jason Pierre-Paul, DE, South Florida, GRADE: A+
Analysis: This is the best pick of the first round. The Giants picked a star pass rusher. He will be a force. What a great pick. I love this pick more than any other. He will be a 12-15 sack player in a year.

No. 16: Titans select Derrick Morgan, DE, Georgia Tech, GRADE: B
Analysis: This fills a big hole left by the departure of Kyle Vanden Bosch. I don't like him as much as Pierre-Paul, but he is safe. It's a good pick.

No. 17: 49ers select Mike Iupati, OG, Idaho, GRADE: B
Analysis: He is a tough guy who will help the run game. The 49ers did a nice job fixing their line with two picks. They will be brutish. He plays a nasty style.

No. 18 Steelers select Maurkice Pouncey, C, Florida, GRADE: B
Analysis: I really like this pick. He will help the middle of their line. He is a smart, physical player. He will help improve the run game.

No. 19: Falcons select Sean Weatherspoon, LB, Missouri, GRADE: B-
Analysis: They liked him all along. I think Pouncey would have been their pick, but he was gone. Weatherspoon is a run-and-chase linebacker who fills a need. I think he's a tad overrated.

No. 20: Texans select Kareem Jackson, CB, Alabama, GRADE: B
Analysis: This is a need pick. Jackson is a speedy cover corner who has played a lot of NFL-style defense at Alabama. The Texans have a big hole at corner, so it makes sense.

No. 21: Bengals select Jermaine Gresham, TE, Oklahoma, GRADE: B+
Analysis: They need a weapon in the middle of the field to help the passing game. He will help open up the passing game. They need a star tight end and Gresham has that potential.

No. 22: Broncos select Demaryius Thomas, WR, Georgia Tech, GRADE: B-
Analysis: He is a good player coming off a leg injury. The knock on him is that he didn't run a lot of routes at Georgia Tech. But he can. He fills a big hole.

No. 23: Packers select Bryan Bulaga, OT, Iowa, GRADE: B+
Analysis: They needed offensive tackle help and this is a player who slipped. At this spot, this is good value. He will push for time at right tackle this season.

No. 24: Cowboys select Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma State, GRADE: A-
Analysis: You have to like the Cowboys going up to get Bryant. This is a player who will help the passing game in a big way. Forget the off-the-field issues. They were overrated. He can play.

No. 25: Broncos select Tim Tebow, QB, Florida, GRADE: F
Analysis: By far and away the worst pick in this draft. Wow. How can you justify trading away Cutler and picking this kid. He's a fifth-round pick -- at best. Now we know why Josh McDaniels will last one more year in Denver. Horrible. Just horrible.

No. 26: Cardinals select Dan Williams, DT, Tennessee, GRADE: A
Analysis: He fills a big need inside. The fact he fell to them was a nice move for the Cardinals. This kid was considered a top-10 pick. Good value.

No. 27: Patriots select Devin McCourty, CB, Rutgers, GRADE: B
Analysis: The Patriots traded down and still got a quality corner. They keep getting younger in the secondary, which they needed to do. He will join Darius Butler as two young corners.

No. 28: Dolphins select Jared Odrick, DT, Penn State, GRADE: B
Analysis: The Dolphins needed help on their front line and they landed a good, solid player. He might not be a star, but in their 3-4 defense he is perfect.

No. 29: Jets select Kyle Wilson, CB, Boise State, GRADE: A
Analysis: The rich get richer. Go ahead and try and throw against their secondary. He will be the nickel corner with Revis and Cromartie. They will blitz even more.

No. 30: Lions select Jahvid Best, RB, Cal, GRADE: C
Analysis: This is a bit of a reach. He is a good player, but the concussion issues have to matter. And they traded back in to get him? He's good, but this is too high.

No. 31: Colts select Jerry Hughes, DE, TCU, GRADE: A
Analysis: I love this kid. He is an explosive pass rusher. Just what they need, right? But he fits what they do. He might also be able to play outside linebacker. Bill Polian knows football players.

No. 32: Saints select Patrick Robinson, CB, Florida State, GRADE: B
Analysis: He's a nice cover player who can play man coverage, which the Saints need. This probably means Malcolm Jenkins is going to safety.

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