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GPS tracking app helps kids catch the school bus

School bus GPS tracking wins praise from parents and kids 01:40

GPS tracking technology is giving parents peace of mind – and helping kids stay safe – through a program that tracks school buses on their daily routes.

Public schools in South Bend, Indiana, rolled out the “MyStop” program, which lets parents and children know when the bus is coming by checking an app on their computer or smartphone.

For 11-year-old Max McCoy, it means he can wait for the bus inside his warm house on a cold, snowy morning instead of shivering out at the bus stop.

His mom Jo keeps an eye on the “MyStop” app and lets him know when the bus is almost there.

"It's been great because I can send them out about two minutes before the bus is headed into our neighborhood so they aren't standing out there in the cold or the rain," McCoy told CBS station WSBT.

The app tells her the estimated time of arrival, and she can check back later to make sure the bus made it safely to school.

The app is free and requires a login and password for security.

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