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"I have to work extra hours and not get paid": Corrections officer at risk of foreclosure as shutdown drags on

Furloughed worker fears missing mortgage payment
Furloughed worker fears missing mortgage paym... 02:08

As the partial government shutdown drags on, 800,000 federal workers are forced to live off savings and what's left from their last paychecks, including New Jersey resident and federal corrections officer John Siciliano. He's making a stream of non-stop phone calls to try to hold the banks at bay. He hasn't gotten a paycheck since December 29th and doesn't expect to get one any day soon.

"We're still working. I'm going to work every day and I'm not getting paid. I have to work extra hours and not get paid," he said.

Siciliano has been guarding prisoners at Philadelphia's Federal Detention Center for nearly 19 years, and lived through several shutdowns. But this one has gone on so long, he's about to miss a mortgage payment. The bank told him and his wife if they miss a second one, it'll start foreclosure proceedings. He said he's both scared and angry.

"A little bit of ... scared because we never miss any payments and I'm angry at the bank because there is just no give," Siciliano said.

John Siciliano and his wife, Vicky.  CBS News

His wife Vicky's preschool teaching job can't cover their expenses. They had hoped Tuesday night's speeches would bring some answers, but were left disappointed. Vicky blames President Trump, while her husband blames both Democrats and Republicans.

"This is ridiuclous and this is going to go on for months," Siciliano said.

Both want to know, if they can be disciplined with their finances, why can't the government?

"It's almost like children, Republicans and Democrats, two children fighting against each other tit for tat," Siciliano said. "You got a million people out of work and you know, it's like pawns, pawns in a game."

Between their house and car payments, the couple said they owe about $3,000 dollars. The amount of money right now in their bank account is $2,100.

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