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Gov. Rick Perry: "I've been knocked down and I'm ready to move on"

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has been the longest-serving governor in the state's history, and his time in that role is coming to an end
Rick Perry on luring businesses to Texas 06:28

Governor Rick Perry is in New York making a pitch to Empire State companies to move their business to the Lone Star State. Texas added more than 28,000 jobs last month. Its unemployment rate, 5.5 percent, is the 17th lowest in the nation. That's well below the national average of 6.7 percent.

Perry's time as the longest-serving governor in Texas history is coming to a close and many are asking if he's ready to run again for the Republican nomination for president, after a rather dramatic ending in the last primary.

Perry joined "CBS This Morning" to discuss recruiting businesses to Texas and his next job. The governor told the co-hosts that his trip is to let people "know that there are options out there" and to "drive a conversation."

"I've asked the governor (of New York) to consider having a debate over these issues," said Perry. "I think it would be instructional for the country to see two very large, substantive state governors sit down and talk about the policies and tax and regulatory climate of legal system, skilled workforce and to let the people of the country decide which of those best suit their need."

His aides have said that Perry entered the 2012 presidential race too late. When asked by "CBS This Morning" co-host Norah O'Donnell if this push is the start of a 2016 campaign, Perry said he learned a lot during the 2012 race.

"One of the more humbling experiences that I've had in life was going through the 2011, 2012 process running for the presidency. I learned a lot of lessons," said Perry. "The least of which is if you're going to run for president, I highly recommend you don't have major back surgery six weeks before you start and that you spend a lot of time in preparation."

Perry also discussed how the 2012 presidential election changed him.

"I think how people respond when they've been knocked down is a better reflection of their character than if everything is all blue sky and the wind behind your back," he said. "I've had the wind in my face. I've been knocked down and I'm ready to move on."

To see the full interview with Governor Rick Perry, watch the video in the player above

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