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Gorgeous Gadgets

Gorgeous Gadgets


May 27, 1999

When you get to play with cool stuff all the time, people you know expect---
rather they demand--- to be impressed. "What is it now?" they sneer. So it
had better impress. Well, these four new gadgets DO just that. They're so
popular in my hallway show-'n-tells, I've had to muscle my way back in there
to get some play time for myself.

 Nokia 8800 >>>>

First, Nokia's new chrome 8800 digital phone is so stylish and packs so much
into such a petite handful, nobody wants to give this baby back. Once they
see how the tiny faceplate slides down to reveal the touch pad, the fight
begins. "How much?" Nokia say's it will sell for under a thousand dollars
when units go on sale later this summer. Already Nokia's 8810 model (an
overseas version) is reportedly one of the hottest phones on the European
black-market, being resold for several thousand dollars each! The sleek
4-inch tall phone, which looks like a stainless-steel cigarette lighter, is
designed by Frank Nuovo (formerly of BMW fame.) You can leave the phone
powered-on standby for 6 days or chat non-stop for 2 1/2 hours and you can
order one with a discrete vibrating battery. And it features an internal
antenna plus games, alarm clock, calendar... wow!

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 Palm VII >>>>

Ten, I show them the PALM VII. We were lucky enough to have seen this
several months ago, while it was still in "beta" test... and now, after
great anticipation, 3Com's newest Palm handheld is available in stores. (At
least stores in New York.) For slightly more than $600, you get a larger and
clunkier device than the recently released silvery-smooth Palm V. This
latest version does all the usual synchronized calendar and phonebook stuff,
but the truly great part is what happens when you lift the antenna: instant
"web clipping" and e-mail communication. This new device doesn't give you
unrestricted access to the Internet, though. You have a number of selected
services (offering news, weather, stocks, etc.) and can add or subtract
services as you choose. (In the future, 3Com expects companies that provide
information on the web to join in offering this "web-clipping" service."
The Palm VII uses a wireless radio-frequency transmitter to transfer
information back and forth... and it is easy to set up the service (and get
a new e-mail account in the process.) To use the system, you pay a basic
monthly $10 service fee and also get charged extra if you are a "heavy
user." Very soon after I began using this cool device (sending emails,
reading the news, etc.) I quickly used up the free-time on the basic monthly
service... and began racking up extra usage charges. (Four days of use and I
was up to $17.40!) Obviously, to use the Palm VII, you would either need to
pay the (gasp) $24.99 "frequent user" rate, or wait until 3Com does
something to get the rates down to a more reasonable level. Still, the handy
device is terrific for getting information and e-mail on the go.

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 Sony's C1X Picturebook >>>>

Sony's innovative VAIO computers have tough magnesium shells and smart
Pentium innards. But this latest VIAO, the C1X Picturebook also has eyes.
Actually, a single "motion eye", which is an integrated swivel CCD camera,
mounted on the top of this compact computer. Just clicking one button allows
you to record either still images or video clips. Editing and e-mailing
images are a snap. Plus, this fully functional 266 MHz Pentium sports a 4.3
GB hard drive and a V.90 modem. (Did I mention the handy USports?) It
weighs about 2 poundsÂ… costs about $2,000Â… and would be perfect if the
keyboard was just a wee-bit larger. Undeniably gorgeous, however.

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 IBM Thinkpad 570 >>>>

IBM has just unveiled the Think Pad 570, a beautiful answer to the
ultra-slim computer designs pioneered by Sony and Toshiba. It's as easy to
carry as a legal pad with a huge 13" active matrix screen. This slender and
powerful frame is packed with a 366-Mhz Pentium processor. The "ultra bay"
docking station transforms this puppy into a respectable desktop machine
with every possible variety of trimmings and attachments. Pricing varies
widely depending on what parts you decide to buy.

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