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GOP Responds to Alan Grayson's "Taliban Dan" Ad, Calls Democratic Rep. "National Embarrassment"

The National Republican Congressional Committee has released an advertisement in support of Daniel Webster, in response to Florida Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson's controversial attack ad against the Republican candidate - in which he called him "Taliban Dan."

In the new ad, the announcer cites media reports slamming Grayson's attack.

"The Orlando Sentinel says this Alan Grayson ad twists Dan Webster's words," the announcer says, adding that "Grayson edited the original video, chopping it up, out of context."

The ad then goes on to say Grayson "is comparing Christianity to the Taliban" and in the past "likened Republicans to Nazis."

Grayson's famous comment during the health care reform debate is also raised, when he said on the House floor that Republicans' health care plan amounts to hoping sick people "die quickly."

The ad concludes by referring to Grayson as a "national embarrassment."

Grayson's ad earlier this week featured images of Taliban fighters and women in burqas and ended with a female narrator referring to Webster as "Taliban Dan Webster."

Alan Grayson Labels Opponent "Taliban Dan Webster"
"Taliban Dan" Ad Sparks Debate Over Webster

The original ad sparked controversy for a number of its claims. Short clips of Webster in the ad quote him saying that "Wives, submit yourself to your own husband" and "She should submit to me. That's in the Bible."

The clips were reportedly taken from a speech Webster delivered at a conference of the Institute for Basic Life Principles, a nonprofit Christian organization.

A longer segment of the speech was released after the controversial ad ran, illustrating that the clips of Webster saying that a woman should submit were taken out of context. Commentators on both sides of the spectrum have since been critical of the ad.

Grayson, a first-term congressman, has become known in his first two years in Congress for his outspoken nature. He faces a tough re-election race in Florida's 8th district, with CBS News labeling the race a toss up.

Grayson won his congressional seat in 2008 and is seeking a second term, while Webster has spent 28 years in the Florida State Legislature.

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