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GOP Rep. Allen West suggests Republicans are "using" troops

Allen West
Florida Congressman Allen West

Tea Party-affiliated Republican Rep. Allen West of Florida is out with a statement in which he says he is "disgusted at the perception that Leaders in my own Party...are now using the men and women in uniform" to pass a short-term budget bill.

West's complaint is tied to the House GOP's passage of a billthat would fund the government for one week starting Friday, when funding would otherwise run out, prompting a government shutdown. The House GOP's bill included both the short-term budget extension and $516 billion to fund the Department of Defense for the rest of the fiscal year.

West, a military veteran, writes that he voted for the bill because it funded U.S. troops. But he was clearly displeased that the funding was tied to the budget extension. The freshman lawmaker evoked former British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, whose legacy is tied to appeasement of Germany ahead of World War 2, in discussing the budget debate.

"Winston Churchill, who saw the dark clouds approaching, was looked upon as an alarmist at the time, even though he saw the true danger," wrote West. "Churchill stated: 'An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.' Mr. Speaker: I once again will not be feeding the crocodile."

West then complained about Democratic spending and politicking before criticizing his own party.

"The House Majority has now placed the funding for the Department of Defense and the funding for the troops down as a bargaining chip," he writes. "In the last 100 days, the House Majority could have passed at any point in time a separate stand alone Appropriations for the Department of Defense and the funding for our men and women in uniform."

West then added that he is "disgusted" by the perception that troops are being used to pass the short-term budget bill.

"I voted for the Department of Defense Appropriation bill because, at this moment in time, due to the complete failure by the Democrat Majority in the Senate this is currently the only vehicle on the table," he writes. "But more importantly, my 'Yes' vote today was for my Brothers and Sisters in uniform. My 'No' sentiment reflects a disappointment in my own leadership."