Google Search Gets Better at Dictionary Duty

Need a definition? Just type the word into your Google search box and hit Enter. In a flash, Google gets its dictionary on.

Google has long been able to define words in this way, but you always had to use the "define" or "what is" prefix. Now you can simply type the word on its own -- and get much better results. Here's the scoop from the Official Google Blog:

Recently, we expanded our dictionary search feature to all global English users, giving you quick and easy access to even more useful dictionary information. We added implicit triggering, which means you can simply search for [flummox] and find the definition, you don't have to search for [define flummox] or [what is flummox]. We've also improved the definition result snippet to show more details such as parts of speech and pronunciation.
Good news for all of us -- bad news for the fine people at Merriam-Webster. (Who's going to buy dead-tree dictionaries any more?)