Google retakes crown as U.S. desktop traffic king

It was only so long before Google hoisted itself back to the top spot on the most-trafficked website list for U.S. desktops.

Data analytics firm ComScore released its monthly top 50 list on Tuesday revealing that Google challenger Yahoo had fallen to No. 2 after ruling the rankings for the last seven months. For February, Google came in with more than 189 million unique visitors, and Yahoo had more than 183 million. Microsoft took third place with more than 162 million unique visitors.

ComScore's list shows that search engines, news sites, and social media pulled in a heavy load of visitors. The total desktop Internet audience in the U.S. for February was more than 222 million unique users. This particular ComScore list doesn't include mobile traffic.

While Yahoo was ahead of Google for U.S. desktop traffic over the last few months, Google has mostly remained the top trafficked site for desktop and mobile combined, along with controlling the search engine market.

This article originally appeared on CNET.

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