Google delays Nexus Q home entertainment device

Shown together, from left to right, the Google Galaxy Nexus smartphone, Nexus 7 tablet and Nexus Q entertainment device. Google

(CBS/AP) Google says it is delaying the Nexus Q, a home entertainment device that was supposed to come out in July.

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To make up for the delay, Google plans to send the gadget free to everyone who pre-ordered it.

Google is not saying when the Nexus Q will available. Google plans to sell it for $299 in the U.S. The ball-shaped device is similar to Apple TV, a small box that can stream music and movies over Internet connections. But the Apple TV is only $99.

Google announced the Nexus Q along with the Nexus 7 tablet at the Google I/O developers conference in June. One of the product's selling points is that it will be manufactured in the United States.

The Nexus Q sends content from your own collection or from YouTube to your existing TV and speaker systems. You control it through a separate Android phone or tablet. Google has called it the first social streaming device.