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Golden Globes Fashion: Who Hit and Who Missed

From the tops of their heads to the tips of their shoes, red carpet celeb glamour at the 2011 Golden Globes was at a fever pitch last night.

But who had the best -- and worst -- looks?

"Early Show" Style Contributor Katrina Szish and celebrity stylist Robert Verdi shared their top hits and misses of the night on the broadcast Monday morning.

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Szish: The biggest color we saw, kind of collectively, was blush. The carpet literally was blushing with all sorts of shades of pink. We had Claire Danes. It was modern, it was sleek. It was flawless on her body. Simple elegance ruled. Also, Emma Stone was also wear wearing Calvin Klein collection. Everyone was saying, 'Who is she?' She was in a peachy coral color. I love, again, the youthfulness of it. It was fresh, it was modern.

And then Natalie Portman, of course, a big winner last night. ... A lot of people were questioning the dress. I think for Natalie, she can do no wrong.
Verdi: Nude. Nude really is something that's been hanging in there for a few seasons. We've seen it over the last three or four seasons. Sandra Bullock wore nude last night. She was wearing a one-shoulder dress. And Scarlett Johansson. What's interesting about nude dresses, it becomes largely about your beauty statement. About your hair and your makeup. The dress sort of disappears. It just kind of cascades across your skin.

Szish: A lot of people went towards black. But the emerald green shade as you see here on Angelina Jolie in Versace was spectacular. I love that it also has the high neck and the kind of dipping back and a long sleeve. It's not the typical, I'm out there going to be as sexy as possible. It's a little bit demure but still very elegant. Also Mila Kunis nominated in Vera Wang. The off-the-shoulder gown -- a little more sophisticated than we're used to seeing her. Some people thought perhaps a bit older. I think her hair and makeup was simple and elegant.

Verdi: It was very sort of -- there's this kind of nod to '60s happening with lots of lashes, lots of lashes on the red carpet, and these interesting kind of 1960s hairstyles. She had one of them. But I thought it was very specific. I kind of liked it. I think a lot of people felt like she was hiding underneath it, and it was either too young or made her look too old. I thought it was easy. I think when you wear something that's really glitzy today you need to do something easy with your hair.

The Men:
Verdi: You can't really get it wrong if you're a guy. But you can do something a little more interesting and I think Ryan Gosling really hit it. He did a velvet Ferragamo with a velvet bowtie, really elegant. Youthful and refreshing for a guy.

Justin Bieber. I hate when kids -- he's a kid -- try to look too mature. And too much like an adult. He had a friend with him. He had these purple glasses, 3-D glasses I thought was fun, in itself. He was wearing sneakers. He wasn't trying to dress like an adult and I liked that he was age appropriate.

Szish: I like a lot of bling and there was a ton. Millions and millions of dollars of jewelry on the red carpet. Jennifer Lopez had a lot of bling going on. You know, Jenny from the block is on the red carpet you know there's going to be serious bling involved. She was wearing almost $5 million worth of Harry Winston diamonds. You see those amazing earrings. She had a cuff bracelet that was also watch.

Halle Berry also had significant bling, those layered cuffs on. They were also Harry Winston, but only $2.7 million compared to J. Lo.

For Szish and Verdi's top hits and misses of the night, click on the video below.

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