Go on a very vibrant trip abroad to Spain and France

(CBS News) While we headed down to South America (specifically Peru and Bolivia) earlier today, it's time to grab your imaginary passport once more and soar across the Atlantic Ocean with two more destinations in mind. Go ahead and click play on the video above to start this creative, vicarious trip abroad together, starting off in my mother's familial homeland of Spain.

I'm suddenly finding myself hungry for steak... is anyone else feeling that, too? The tasty feast of sights and sounds was posted on Vimeo by The Perennial Plate, who have been featured on The Feed before for similarly enticing food-focused features, and who write about their latest dish:

We spent two weeks traveling across Spain, from Basque Country, to Galicia, Andalucia and finally Barcelona. The food and travel adventure was condensed into three minutes... Enjoy!
ps. we know that Flamenco isn't representative of each region, but it is from Spain and we love the song.

Up next, we cross the Pyrenees and switch languages from Spanish to French in this showreel of work below posted on Vimeo by Mayeul Akpovi entitled "Paris In Motion (Part 3)" with music by Pendulum. (You may want to buckle up and brace yourself before clicking play, because this one is a very fast and wild ride.) And I hope you all are enjoying these vicarious vacations!