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Globe-Trotting Frog Returns

Even frogs with a bad case of wanderlust come home for the holidays. A 15-pound concrete garden frog that disappeared from John and Gert Knight's backyard in April was returned to its Massachusetts home on Monday by a limousine driver.

When the frog disappeared, a letter was left that said it just needed to get away from the grind of garden life, but would be home for the holidays.

The pictures started coming from all around the world. The Knights received postcards and snapshots of the frog in places that included New York, Venice, Indonesia, and Venezuela.

"The last we heard from him he was in Belgium, sitting on the corner of a toilet seat and said he couldn't get any closer to the water than that," says John Knight.

The final leg of his journey came to an end. They expected to meet the culprits, but all that was in the limousine was the frog, champagne, and one final letter.

The limousine driver on Monday said he was given instructions to deliver the frog safely to its home, but denied being involved in the abduction.