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Give Brad Pitt A Squeeze

With films like "The Mexican," "Ocean's 11" and "A River Runs Through It," Brad Pitt has built quite a female following.

In London, many women aren't content to worship the star from afar. They want to reach out and touch him, too. Now that dream has come a step closer to reality, CBS News Correspondent Richard Roth reports.

Pitt sat for a sculptor in London six years ago, but the wax figure recently put on display is new - modified, according to a Madame Tussaud's spokeswoman, with the addition of an interactive part. It's a silicone and foam buttock that visitors are invited to squeeze.

"Well, size-wise, it's perfect. I can't honestly say it's the same squidgy-ness as Brad's bottom, because unfortunately I haven't felt the real Brad's bottom," said one happy museum visitor.

The "why" of this is a bit ambiguous. The museum prides itself as a tourist attraction with a scholastic pedigree, a pageant of history fixed in wax and frozen in time.

Best-known for the heroes, like Abraham Lincoln, and villains, like Adolph Hitler, who stand still for snapshots, Madame Tussaud's occasionally tries to capture a moment in popular culture. And when it found that an Australian rock star's whispered voice, barely audible against the din of a music video, had become a popular draw for men, it decided to reach out to women, who might themselves want to reach out to Brad Pitt.

"He looks really real," said another visitor.

Madam Tussaud's spokesperson Diane Moon says, "Brad Pitt knows about this. He hasn't made any comment yet. I think he's waiting to see how popular it is before he decides whether to say anything."

The museum claims it's a big hit with visitors. Not so big, though, that it threatens to unseat any of the regulars, like the Queen of England and all of the American presidents, or inspire any adjustments to their anatomy.