Giuliani Afternoon Wrapup

From CBS' Ryan Corsaro

The New York Daily News led with a story headlined "Drivin' Miss Judy," which says the current Giuliani wife was given police escort around Manhattan for a lot longer than disclosed. The confirmation comes from witnesses and sources, one of which lived in Nathan's building.

Giuliani reiterated statements on free trade today -- saying countries who trade together become "friends", while those who are in a position to be dependent on another nation can develop hostility. His audience was several hundred members of the Illinois Manufacturers Association.

The Boston Globe reports that Giuliani's commitment to continue efforts by current President George W. Bush on fighting HIV/AIDS is contradicted by his record, according to New York City AIDS workers. Charles King, president of Housing Works, the New York-based service provider for people with the illnesses, says Giuliani's declaration is "gross hypocrisy."

"We had to litigate against him from the beginning of his term to force his administration to follow New York law with regard to the provision of services and care to persons with AIDS and HIV," King said.

Giuliani has a town hall in Chicago tonight and his campaign is banking on a big performance from the mayor on Meet The Press this weekend. For someone who has had a tough two weeks, this candidate could use a glowing appearance on the Sunday talk show -- but the question is, whether he faces issues dogging him about his personal life and social issues, can talking his way out hurt him even more by sustaining the national dialogue on his flaws?