Girl doing sword dance is random and hypnotizing

(CBS) - Sometimes you see a video and go "What the...?!" This is one of those videos. Watch as a girl does a strangely hypnotizing and totally random sword dance in her backyard.

What's even more insane is that the guy who ends up joining her in the dance has actually been featured here on The Feed before doing a knife dance in front of a cheetah mural.  Much like the previous one, this video leaves me totally stupefied, speechless... and oddly fascinated, too.  What's your take on it?  Leave me some comment love below.

UPDATE: I've mentioned before that I do read all the comments, so for those asking: the term "random" is used because of a lack of context and surreal nature to this video.  I would call a sword and knife dance in the backyard with grandma and the dog watching very random.  What would you call it?  Feel free to leave me some more comment love below.