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Gibbs On Biden, Inauguration

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Robert Gibbs, the future White House press secretary to Barack Obama, discussed the inauguration and whether Vice President-elect Joe Biden was offered the chance to be secretary of state on The Early Show this morning.

Yesterday, Jill Biden said on Oprah that her husband was offered both positions, but the campaign later denied that was the case.

Here's what Gibbs had to say: "Then Senator Obama and then Senator Biden sat down to talk about how Senator Biden could be most helpful to this ticket. They talked about a number of things including staying right here in the Senate. But the one job that then Senator Obama offered then Senator Biden was the offer to be vice president of the United States should they win this election. That's the job that was offered and the one he accepted and the one he'll assume with President Obama today. We're excited about the team we've put together."

Gibbs also said this about the speech today: "I know he's tinkering around with this word and that. But the bulk of it, he cleared his schedule last weekend and spent two full days working on it and writing it… He's excited about the road ahead. He understands the moment that this country's in, and he's anxious to get to work."

You can watch the whole interview below.

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