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Giant Glacier Screen; Bigfoot Found? It Must Be Friday

Another week comes to close and it's certainly not without some quirky sci-tech stories to end on a bang. First, you've got to give the Germans credit for trying whatever might work when it comes to staving off the effects of global warming. Scientists are reportedly using a giant screen to trap cold air over a large glacier in the Swiss Alps. If nothing else, they hope the process will be slowed. Technically, it's supposed to make a difference. But obviously on a practical level it's hard to see it used on a much larger scale. Whether you believe it will work or not, that story's got nothing on the believability of the latest Bigfoot tale.

Yes, three people in Georgia are claiming to have found the legendary creature known as Bigfoot. They apparently have a body, DNA, and plenty of photographs to back up their claim. There's even a press conference scheduled for today. Think there are some skeptics? Um, yeah, just a few. Hoax or discovery? You decide. (I'm sure there'll be an update on this story.)

Interesting discussion over at about whether spam has really decreased or in some cases disappeared. Certainly the botnets around the world haven't shut down for business, but could their operators be looking for new ways to make (steal) money? I must say our filters at CBS work well, in fact, sometimes a little too well. Like when an e-mail from a friend gets the dubious "spam" distinction put into the subject line. Sometimes I hit reply and forget to delete it first -- can be kind of insulting to the recipient!

And finally, the New York Times has an article about the first smartphone to be powered by Google's Android and supported by T-Mobile. Videos clips of the smartphone, reportedly made by HTC, have been appearing online and generating a lot of buzz. (That pull out keyboard sure looks handy.) Is it a worth adversary to the iPhone? Apparently we'll soon find out -- it may hit stores as early as October.

That's all for this week -- stay connected!

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