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Epstein accuser calls Ghislaine Maxwell's arrest a "win," claims more conspirators are still out there

Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell arrested
Jeffrey Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell arrested 03:55

Ghislaine Maxwell, who many of Jeffrey Epstein's accusers have described as his chief lieutenant, is in jail Friday morning after being taken into FBI custody Thursday at an opulent home in New Hampshire. 

Epstein accuser Michelle Licata said "it's definitely a 'win' in our book," although she alleges there are "definitely" more co-conspirators still at large.

"You can't have two people just doing all the work, there has to be people helping them," Licata told CBS News' Mola Lenghi.

Maxwell was taken into custody nearly one year to the day after Epstein was arrested in early July 2019, and faces six charges including illegally transporting minors and perjury. Epstein killed himself while in custody awaiting trial that August. 

For years, Maxwell has denied claims she helped Epstein run the alleged sex trafficking ring. Despite detailed allegations against her, she was never charged.

"Ghislaine was Jeffrey's right hand," accuser Sarah Randome told CBS News before Maxwell's arrest. "Ghislaine made it very clear that if we didn't do what he wanted, that we would be punished."

In the indictment, prosecutors say Maxwell was one of Epstein's "closest associates" and describe a relationship going back decades. 

They claim in the document that "Maxwell and Epstein would spend time building friendships with minor victims," taking them "to the movies or shopping."

"Maxwell's presence," the documents allege, "helped put the victims at ease" during sexual interactions with Epstein, "because an adult woman was present." 

Another Epstein accuser, Maria Farmer, previously described Maxwell "going to get the women" in an interview with CBS News in the last year.

"She went to places like Central Park," Farmer claimed. "She would say, 'stop the car,' and she would dash out and get a child."

As for Michelle Licata, she said closure would be the Justice Department and FBI continuing to pursue those who were allegedly involved with Epstein and Maxwell. 

"Just knock them out and let the know what they did was wrong," she said. "Sitting in a jail cell for the rest of their lives would maybe teach them that lesson." 

Maxwell has long denied any wrongdoing and her lawyer had no comment on the arrest. She will be transferred to New York and is expected to be arraigned in federal court next week. 

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