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Getting The Royal Treatment?

Princess Louise?

That's what the British tabloids are calling Louise Woodward after her BBC interview.

The Sun and The Mirror are criticizing the former au pair for apparently trying to copycat Princess Diana's revealing BBC interview in 1995.

The papers say a photo of the Woodward interview is too similar to the photo released when the BBC interviewed Diana.

During that interview, the reporter got Diana to talk about the problems in her marriage.

CBS News Correspondent Vicki Mabrey reports the Woodward interview was conducted by the same reporter who handled the infamous Princess Diana chat, and the British tabloids are making much of the fact that Woodward seems to model herself on the princess - same sort of dark suit, same looks, similar setting.

The BBC, Mabrey says, is taking pains to say it did not pay for the interview, and it says that any resemblance to the Princess Diana interview is "pure coincidence."

The Mirror says Woodward dressed and sat like the princess and has perfected the "coy, wide-eyed look Diana used."