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Getting Away From It All

July and August are more than just the time for family picnics, parades and outdoor festivals. Those two months are also the height of the summer vacation season, when millions of Americans take to the roads, seas or skies in search of summer fun.

This Travel Guide will not only help you choose a destination - from a family trip to the beach to an exotic tour of a foreign city - but help you plan your journey so that you arrive safely with a minimum of fuss and effort.

Where To Go
Travel experts say bargains abound this season. Among the suggestions they gave to producer Lee Kaplan are trips to Las Vegas, which is trying to burnish its family-friendly image, and cruises on the Aegean Sea, where the war in Kosovo has scared away tourists.
In Search Of An Endless Summer
Sun worshippers can find some of the best beaches in the world right here in the United States, not only on the Atlantic and Pacific shores, but in the Heartland as well. producer Dale J. Cruse reviews the top dozen.
Hotels For The Whole Family
A group of parents and their kids put U.S. hotels to the test for Parents magazine. Editor Sally Lee shared the results with CBS News This Morning.
How To Avoid Traffic Delays
There's a red flag ahead for summer vacationers. This year's record highway spending means construction every 40 miles this summer.


Are We There Yet?
It's the season to hit the open road. If there are kids in the back seat of that car, don't miss these tips from columnist Eileen Ogintz for minimizing stress and maximizing fun.
A First-Aid Kit For Travelers producer Benita Green lists all you will need - in your car and in your suitcase - to meet any emergencies that arise in your travels.
Don't Pack Up Your Troubles Â…
How to take along everything you need without waiting in baggage lines. Kara Parsons of retailer TravelSmith joined CBS This Morning to offer some tips.
Â…But Do Pack The Plastic
Despite all the fees, credit cards still offer better exchange rates for overseas travelers than ATMs, currency exchange counters and overseas banks, travel experts say.
Taking Your Pets On A Trip
Pets can benefit from a change of pace, too, but if you have a long car trip in mind, you need to need to pack more than a doggie bag. Here are tips on how to prepare your best pal for an adventure.