Get To Know Your Skin

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Dr. Francesca Fusco is a New York City dermatologist who covers a wide range of skin issues, from cancer prevention to cosmetic dermatology.

The importance of self exam and an annual skin exam by a dermatologist cannot be overemphasized. Melanoma is on the rise, but if diagnosed early enough, the prognosis can be quite good. May is Skin Cancer Awareness month, and as it approaches we try to get the message out to people to take advantage of the many free skin cancer screenings available in many areas. But even with all the warnings, I realize that not everyone is going to visit a dermatologist annually - this is why education is so important in prevention and early diagnosis. Self examination is easy and everyone should be familiar with their skin, moles, freckles, and any changes or new spots that meet the criteria of something suspicious. If something meets those criteria or if you are not sure - see a dermatologist!