Get Reminders to Stretch, Avoid RSI

Last Updated Jun 16, 2010 10:21 AM EDT

It's 2010, which means we're all smart enough to know how to live healthy. We know we're not supposed to smoke, drink while driving, and we should get an hour's worth of exercise every day. Oh, and to take regular breaks from the PC to prevent crippling, painful problems like RSI.

And if you need a friendly reminder to keep yourself healthy, you can't do much better than this elegant, free notification program.

Big Stretch RSI Reminder packs everything you need to know about it into the title. This simple, free program lives unobtrusively in your system tray and pops a notification balloon on whatever schedule you specify. When it does, it can display any message you like -- such as one to do your regular stretching exercises or just to get p and grab a coffee.

Need more healthy help? No problem -- I've got a video you can check out with some simple exercises you can try to prevent tendonitis and carpal tunnel.