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Get Facebook and Twitter feeds in Google+

Get Facebook and Twitter feeds in Google+

(CBS) - Ever since Google launched their new social networking site, Google+, one of the features that people have been wondering about is how to import Twitter or Facebook feeds. While there are no official ways to connect the services, there are some cool browser extensions that will cheat the system.

Micro-bloggers can import their feed and have full access to other features using Google+Tweet. Developed by Bruno Barbieri, the browser extension adds a Twitter button to your page.

To set it up, use Twitter's authentication app to log in to your account and grant access to Google+. Once everything is set up, there will be a Twitter icon next to the Stream button on your Google+ homepage. This extension, powered by My Tweet Place, is fully functional. You can send tweets, view your timeline and see @replies.

Facebook users have a similar service called Google+Facebook. Developed by Crossrider, the browser extension uses Facebook Connect to load your news feed. While you can post status updates and see your feed within Google+, the features are limited. There is no access to the like button, comments or photo albums. This is ideal if you're looking for a quick fix.

These extensions were built with the help of Crossrider, an organization that offers a free JavaScript/jQuery framework for developers to use.

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