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Get a Free Guide to Using Twitter

Still confused by this whole Twitter phenomenon? MakeUseOf wants to help: The Complete Guide to Twitter is a 40-page primer that's available absolutely free.

In its pages you'll learn what the service does, why it's no longer the banal what-I-ate-for-breakfast borefest, and how to sign up for an account. Author Mark O'Neill also explains how to use the interface, Tweet from your desktop, sign up for "Twitter bots," and much more.

Here's an excerpt in which O'Neill explains one of Twitter's various business benefits:

Job networking: in this current economic climate, an unemployed person needs all the edge they can get and Twitter hasn't been left out of their job seeking armoury. The site is now being used to ask for work and to look for suitably qualified candidates. Both job seekers and job providers are leaving messages on Twitter with what they need. Private messaging takes care of the rest.
While the guide could use a coat of editorial polish, it's as informative and uncomplicated an explanation of Twitter as I've ever read. For anyone with even the slightest interest in the service, I highly recommend it.

The guide is available for download in PDF format, though you can also read it online at

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