Get 5 Top Web-Optimization Tools for $25 (Value: $528)

Clicky. Crazy Egg. Performable. These are among the Web-optimization tools companies like Amazon, Dell, Threadless, and Zappos use to monitor, analyze, and optimize their sites -- all in the interest of attracting more customers and driving more sales.

Don't have an Amazon-size budget for your site? Don't worry: for a limited time, you can get these and other tools for a fraction of their regular cost. It's the AppSumo Web Optimization Bundle, and it's on sale for just $25.

The bundle includes the following five tools, which would normally cost you a whopping $528:

  • Clicky Provides real-time Web analytics.
  • Crazy Egg (pictured) Generates "heat maps" that show where visitors are clicking on your site.
  • Performable Offers do-it-yourself tools for optimizing your landing pages, testing your message, and converting more visitors into customers.
  • Delivers video feedback from a panel of real-world visitors to your site.
  • Visual Website Optimizer Helps you create different versions of your site and perform A/B testing to see which works best.
Make sure to read the "what you get" section for each of the five tools, as there are some limitations -- usually in the form of duration or number of visitors tested per month.

Even so, this looks like a truly unbeatable deal for anyone who lives and dies by their Web site. The deal ends August 30, so you've got time to make up your mind.