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George W. Bush Posts First Facebook Video

Adding a little more flair to his Facebook page, which debuted last week, former President George W. Bush updated his wall yesterday with a short video (watch at left) thanking the more than 140,000 people who have already "liked" his page and providing viewers with an update on what he has been doing since leaving office.

"I am pleased to report that Laura and I are happy, healthy and home here in the great state of Texas," says Mr. Bush. "Or as I call it, the promised land."

He adds: "Serving as president was the honor of a lifetime, and I will always be grateful for the opportunity to represent the nation I love. But retirement isn't so bad either."

After making a quick plug about his new book "Decision Points," scheduled to be released November 9th, Mr. Bush goes on to mention his efforts with former President Bill Clinton to raise money for relief efforts in Haiti. Facebook members, according to his page, have already donated over $16,000 to the fund; in the video, he asks viewers to continue with their support.

The bulk of the video is spent introducing the George W. Bush Presidential Center, which will feature Mr. Bush's presidential archives, as well as the George W. Bush Institute.

While the Presidential Center won't be completed until 2013, the institute, which Mr. Bush says will be "promoting practical initiatives in education reform, global health, economic growth and human freedom," as well as women's rights in the Middle East, is currently up and running.

"As I tell people I may be done with politics," says Mr. Bush, "but I am not done with policy."

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