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George Clooney to host Obama fundraiser

George Clooney addresses the Council on Foreign Relations regarding the situation in Southern Sudan, March 13, 2012, in New York. Getty

(CBS News) George Clooney is hosting a fundraiser at his Los Angeles home next month for President Obama.

The Oscar-winner will host the president and about 150 guests at the event on May 10, according to Entertainment Tonight, to support Mr. Obama's re-election campaign.

Pictures: George Clooney
Pictures: Clooney in Washington

"I'm proud to do whatever I can to support the president... as long as no one asks me to sing," Clooney joked to ET. (Mr. Obama has shown off his singing skills twice in recent months.)

Entertainment Weekly also confirmed the fundraiser Wednesday. The tickets reportedly cost $40,000 each, with proceeds going to the Obama Victory Fund - a joint fundraising committee of Obama for America, the Democratic National Committee, and several state Democratic parties.

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