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GameCore Guide: Which Game System?

GameCore is a column by's Chad Chamberlain that focuses on gamers and gaming.

This holiday season promises to be exciting. The next generation console wars are under way with the arrival of Sony's long-awaited PlayStation 3, Nintendo's Wii, and Microsoft's XBOX 360.

Some may wonder why we've included the Xbox 360 as a part of the next gen console wars. Well, it's simple. Despite the fact that they dropped their unit around this time last year, Microsoft was at the forefront of the next gen console wars because, well, they were the only ones. Now with some serious competition from both Nintendo and Sony, Microsoft might just have to fight to stay at the top.

There's been quite a buzz going around for the past several months about what each system is offering. From Blu-Ray to Wii Sports to heavy online support, consumers have been besieged with a multitude of marketing tactics to gain their support. If you're like the many confused consumers out there, buying a next gen system will seem a bit daunting. This guide will give you a comprehensive view of each next gen system in simple terms.

Playstation 3
Well, it's finally here. Something the gaming community has long awaited and, unless you've have been living on the moon for the last year, you know what I am talking about. Playstation 3 is currently in stores now but just what are you getting for your $500+ dollars? Read More...

To see photos from the midnight release of the Sony Playstation 3, click here

Nintendo Wii
Nintendo's Wii, formerly known as Nintendo Revolution, has stirred up quite a bit of noise in the industry because of its revolutionary (no pun intended) approach to gaming. But is it realy all that revolutionary? Read More...

To see photos from the New York release of Nintendo Wii, click here

XBOX 360
Last year this time, Microsoft was the first to successfuly step onto the scene with their next generation console, XBOX 360. With heavy internet support and a serious technology boost is worth the price point? Read More...
By Chad Chamberlain

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