Gadget Gizmorama

If you've ever thought of yourself as "king of the DIY crowd" or perhaps a junior MacGyver or maybe just an inventor without a patent, then the 2nd annual Maker Faire is your Mecca.

It takes place this weekend at the San Mateo, CA, Fairgrounds and will showcase creations from nearly 400 inventors. As many as 40,000 people (I expect more) will attend, and it's a very "hands-on" gathering with demonstrations galore.

From power-tool races to robot wars to a puppy monorail (true!) to a catapault competition to aerial kite photography. For a complete list just visit their Web site. It's organized by the folks behind the quarterly Make magazine, and needless to say it's stuff that really turns my crank. I'm thrilled to be attending, and look for a story about it (including an interview with Apple's co-founder, Steve Wozniak, who will be in attendance) on an upcoming edition of CBS Sunday Morning.

Also coming up soon on -- I'm going to start video blogging my travels through the virtual gaming world. Mainly it'll be with my main character on "World of Warcraft (level 64, aiming for 70)," but I'll also delve into "Lord of the Rings Online," "Eve Online," and possibly "Star Wars: Galaxies." Should be fun, if not a little quirky!