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From The Alamo to Tex-Mex: David Begnaud explores San Antonio

Surprise cities: San Antonio
David Begnaud's storytelling journey through San Antonio 07:58

With just 48 hours to explore, David Begnaud embarked on a whirlwind adventure in San Antonio, Texas - the city known for its rich history, Tex-Mex cuisine, and the iconic Riverwalk.

Upon arrival, Begnaud's first stop was The Alamo, Texas's most visited landmark, welcoming 1.6 million tourists annually. He met Kolby, a local guide, who taught him about the battle that led to Texas becoming its own nation before joining the U.S. in 1845 as the 28th state.

As Begnaud explored the city, he donned a cowboy hat, indulging in the local culture. "It's not the hat. It's the cowboy," joked Mr. Flores, a hat seller.

Lunch at Mi Tierra Café, a local staple since 1941, provided a taste of authentic Tex-Mex cuisine as the sounds of a Mariachi band filled the air. 

William Cortez, the great-grandson of the founder, explained the restaurant's long-standing traditions and the expertise of the kitchen staff.

"Our guys in the back that prep all the food every day, they have a combined 150 years experience together," said Cortez.

At Pearl Par, Begnaud held a sign that read, "I'm looking for a story." It wasn't long before Denise McCalla approached him.

Traveling from Minnesota with her husband, who has Alzheimer's, and their grandchildren, she revealed the therapeutic power of these family outings.

"It's nice to travel with the kids and grandkids," McCalla said.

She said maintaining normalcy is crucial for her husband's well-being. She said their doctor told her that no medication could match the benefits of spending time with family.

"It's true… because he lights up," she said.

As Begnaud continued on he met Bethany Vazquez, a local business owner who discussed the challenges and changes in education, especially the shift to virtual learning, which has been significant during the pandemic.

"I've had my own classroom. I've been tutoring for 14 years. And being able to tutor and be in the classroom, you see a lot of kids who have learning gaps, but you also see they just keep getting pushed through," Vazquez said.

Katelynn Schlötfeldt, shared a story of how she met her husband, thanks to a decades-old connection between their mothers who had met years ago in Germany, lost contact and then, by sheer coincidence, reconnected after their children started dating. Schlötfeldt and her husband's relationship strengthened after.

"Fast forward, I am 20 years old and I met him on a missions trip. And then I started dating him. And then our moms saw each other, after seeing each other in 1990," Schlötfeldt recalled. "I married him, and he is the greatest man ever. And now he's gone in the Army."

The lesson learned from this adventure: Meeting strangers led to memorable moments for all of us.

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