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From Cable Access To Viral Video

If you've been reading, there's a heated local political race that everyone's got their eyes on – no, not that one. No, no, this is the heated race for none other than … Hillsborough County Commissioner in Tampa, Fla., and a recent debate between the Democratic candidate, Joe Redner, and Republican talk radio host Tony Katz on a local cable access program, "The Bleepin' Truth." (You can click on the video player below to watch it.)

And why is everyone interested in this debate (as if I had to ask)? Well, because Katz actually did what any viewer of most cable news gabfests figure might eventually happen (and I guess did happen figuratively on "Crossfire," courtesy of Jon Stewart.) After the two exchanged personal insults customary for political debates, he stormed off the set and threw a chair at Redner. For the record, Redner told Tampa 10 News that he is "fine," despite some swelling of the arm and soreness on the side of his head.

The video has, inevitably, been YouTubed, and it's now the most popular video on as well as, where a first noticed the video; another had seen it on AOL. As it turned out, the clip was from a segment on a CBS affiliate news station's program in Tampa. So Tampa 10 sent it on up and, voila -- a top video … one that will likely appear in your inbox sometime soon.

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