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'Friends,' And 'Frasier' On DVD

Some of the most popular television sitcoms of all time have ended their runs this season. Never fear, because those hit shows and more of TV's finest are now available on DVD.

Entertainment contributor and People magazine senior editor Jess Cagle reports in The Early Show's Home Theater.

The "Friends" finale has made it onto DVD faster than "Gigli," along with the first seven seasons of the show and the pilot.

Cagle says, "It's kind of fun to look at them and see how they've changed: Radically different hair. Better teeth and better skin. $1 million an episode will do that to you."

Another show that had a great run, "Frasier," just ended last week, and it is already available on DVD. Cagle says, "You have the first three seasons and more will be rolling out. I always love to watch TV shows on DVD because a half hour sitcom leaves me a little unsatisfied so you can watch the next one and the next one and if it's a two-parter."

"Sex & The City" has six seasons out. But Cagle notes for the final few episodes, you'll have to wait a few months. Only the final season is new. The popular HBO show started rolling out on DVD throughout the run of the series.

Over the past year, the genre of television series on DVD has experienced amazing sales growth. According to the DVD Release Report, TV series-related DVD releases nearly doubled in 2003 and as a result, it has become one of the most popular categories in the DVD market.

There are some other shows that are currently still in production, still on the air that are hitting the DVD market. Shows like "Will & Grace," which offers the first two seasons, and "The King of Queens," with its first two seasons.

"Everybody Loves Raymond" will be coming out in the summer.

Golden Globe winner "The Office" is also on DVD. Cagle says, "It's considered maybe the greatest sitcom of all times in various parts of the world." It can be seen on BBC America.

Popular also now is the animated series "The Family Guy," which was cancelled after two seasons. Cagle notes, "It had a great cult following but no audience. Many thought it was greater than 'The Simpson's.'" So now Fox is bringing back after it proved to be so popular on DVD.

Another sitcom that has developed a cult following is "Three's Company." So now you can watch the first two seasons on DVD. Cagle says, "With the passing of John Ritter, it's kind of a chance to appreciate him a little more. There are tributes on the DVD and things like that."

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