"Frenemies" Facebook and Twitter's latest clash leaves Vine app in cold


Facebook and Twitter have been carrying on a relationship of late that sounds like the topic of an advice column in a women's magazine. The most recent battle between these "frenemies" has Twitter's new video-sharing app "Vine" at the epicenter, as Facebook has reportedly blocked information sharing with the app.

According to the tech blog All Things D, within hours of Twitter's launch of Vine, Facebook cut off access to its "find people" feature. When attempting to connect to Facebook, Vine users are left with an error message. Users who want to connect to friends on the social network will have to find a workaround.

Connecting apps to Facebook or Twitter to allow users to invite friends from their accounts has been a relatively common practice. But as competition heats up in the tech industry, more and more companies are playing a game of "keep away."

All Things D says this latest "disconnect" between Twitter and Facebook "isn't exactly surprising." Facebook-owned photo sharing app Instagram recently dropped support for Twitter cards, then completely disabled photo integration with the micro-blog. At the time, Instagram chief executive officer Kevin Systrom said the relationship between Twitter and Instagram was changing, not terminating.

Also, Apple made headlines when it dropped Google Maps from its most recent mobile update, iOS 6, in September 2012. Earlier last year, Twitter cut service to LinkedIn - blocking the profession social network from displaying tweets on its site.

Twitter acquired Vine in 2012, but the company had not yet publicly launched. Some have speculated that the move was more of an "acqhire" -- a slang term used to when a smaller company gets bought by larger one for its talent.

Facebook did not immediately respond to CBS News' request for comment.