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Focus group: U.S. government more dangerous than ISIS

NEW YORK -- Donald Trump's comments about banning Muslim entry to the United States continues to spark debate on and off the campaign trail.

Republican strategist and CBS News contributor Frank Luntz spoke to a panel of Muslim-Americans late last week about anti-Muslim sentiment in the country.

In this revealing conversation, as part of the panel, Muslim-Americans discussed why they don't fear ISIS.

Luntz asked the panelists who has a problem with this administration bombing ISIS.

And some panelists expressed being more afraid of the U.S. government, than of the terrorist organization.

"It's not going to solve anything," one female panelist said on bombing ISIS. "I was born in '93. My whole entire life we have been in a time of war ... ISIS does not have the capabilities to destroy America. Our military spending is better than the next 7 or 10 countries combined. I am not scared of ISIS, I'm not. I am scared of my government actually. I am more scared of my government than I am of ISIS."

Luntz then turned to another panelist, and posed that question.

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"Are you more scared of your government than ISIS?" he asked a male in the front row, who is a 7th grade science teacher.

"...I feel like every morning when I wake up, am I going to be mad because I am black in America? Or am I going to be mad because I am Muslim in America?" the panelist answered, to which fellow panelists clapped.

To see what else panelists had to say about ISIS, the U.S. government and profiling, watch the video above.

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