Flying High

Like many adopted people, Tamra McAdams always wanted to meet her biological mother. After searching for more than a decade, she was finally reunited with Kathy Boruch, the mother she never knew. The Early Show co-anchor Rene Syler reports.

What makes this story more incredible, though, is not only are they both flight attendants; they actually work for the same company. And, as it turns out, they look alike.

"I was surprised," says Kathy. "She e-mailed me pictures first so I could see what she looked like first, before I got there. But it was incredible."

Actually, Tamra was doing the looking for 10 years. Why did it take so long?

"One thing after another," says Tamra. "It was, being young, always thinking it cost a lot of money, or took a lot of time, or it was just not possible, and I didn't quite know which direction to go, and I looked online for a long time and just never found anything and ordered the application through the state and just waited and just… I don't know. I always just felt like when the time was right, it would happen."

When the time was finally right and she had Kathy's phone number in her hand, what was she thinking before she made that call? Was she ever afraid that her mother would reject her?

"No," she says, "because when the department called me and let me know that they had found her and her information, they told me that she had sent in all of her identifying information nine years previous... She wanted to be found. She couldn't locate me, but she could leave the information on file so it would be there when I came looking."

Then, one day last March, Kathy got a call from a young woman who said, "I think I'm your daughter." Kathy recalls, "And I just screamed and I'm, like, oh, my God! No way! No way.' "

She never thought she would get that call.

"I hoped it would happen," she explains. "There wasn't a day that went by that I didn't think about her. So I always do a special thing on May 4 (Tamra's birthday). I hoped to find her, because I put the stuff in her records, and I thought, 'Some day, she has to find it,' you know?"

They also found out that they were both flight attendants and they both worked for the parent company for American Airlines. Had there ever been a chance they might have run in to each other in, say, a crew lounge or something like that? Could that have ever happened?

"We have a crew training in the same place," says Kathy, "so we could have met there and I fly with some of the people that flew with her. She was working for American Eagle first before she went to American. So we know some of the same people."

Not only do they look alike and work in the same profession, but they share some other traits: they are both very outgoing and they both love to shop.

"Every time we're together," says Kathy, "we find out something different."

Kathy even found out she is a grandmother, because Tamra has two children. She gets to see them often. "They're great," she says. "First time her son Nash came in and jumped on me in the morning to wake me up, 'Grandma, Grandma, Grandma!,' it was kind of overwhelming."

Tamra has a half-sister and adoptive parents. How do they feel about her finding her biological mother?

"They've always been open to everything," she says. "I always knew I was adopted. I was always made to feel very special because I was chosen. They didn't know how to find any information either, so they're looking forward to meeting her."