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Flu epidemic is not letting up, with 42 states reporting high levels of activity

Flu epidemic
Flu epidemic not letting up 01:57

The flu epidemic is not letting up. Forty-two states saw high levels of activity last week.

So far this season, 53 children have died.

Seven-year-old Savanna Jessie loved to draw and color, according to her obituary. The first-grader from Indiana was found unresponsive at home after testing positive for influenza B, strep throat, and scarlet fever. The local coroner is now investigating her death.

"We're seeing deaths increase in children and in adults," said Dr. Anne Schuchat is acting director of the Centers for Disease Control. "So far this year, 53 children have died from influenza. So it's proving to be a very difficult season."

Flu deaths on the rise 01:53

That's in part because this season the most common virus is H3N2, which typically means more cases, hospitalizations and death, especially among the elderly.

On top of that, a report from Canada out this week found the vaccine has only been 17 percent effective against that strain of the flu.

Still doctors and public health officials say vaccination is still the best defense from flu. Someone who gets flu, after receiving the flu shot, is less likely to suffer severe symptoms. 

"We may have several weeks left in this year's flu season," Schuchat said. 

There is widespread flu activity in every state across the country, except Oregon and Hawaii. In Minnesota, where Super Bowl LII will be played in Minneapolis, the name of the game is disinfecting. 

Pink, who will perform the national anthem, has announced she has the flu. Her husband tweeted she's sick as a dog, but it's not enough to give Pink the blues, she will peform Sunday night.

If you get the flu, antiviral medications can help, it's recommended that you start them as soon as possible. A flu shot is suggested for everyone 6 months and older. Getting one may make the symptoms not as severe if you end up with the flu. 

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