Unarmed mental health worker: I had arms raised when shot by police

Police shoot unarmed man
Police shoot unarmed man 02:27

Videos show the moments leading up to the police shooting of an autistic man's caregiver who was unarmed in Florida.

North Miami Police told CBS News they received a 911 call Monday about an armed man who was threatening suicide. But instead, they encountered Charles Kinsey and his patient.

The video shows Kinsey laying in the middle of a North Miami street, trying to coax his patient back to a mental health center from where he wandered, reports CBS News correspondent Vinita Nair. Kinsey was shot, but survived.

"I was really worried -- more worried about him than myself," Kinsey said, speaking from his hospital bed.

You can hear Kinsey, a counselor, advising his patient.

The young man in his twenties sat cross-legged while holding a white toy truck. Kinsey was unarmed too, yet instinctively, he kept his hands in the air.

"As long as I have my hands up, they're not going to shoot me. This is what I'm thinking, they're not going to shoot me. Wow, was I wrong," Kinsey said.

Kinsey said he heard two gunshots. He was hit once in his right leg.

"I'm like, I've still got my hands in the air, I said, you know I just got shot," Kinsey said.

"He really feels like he did everything that he could possibly do to cooperate," said Kinsey's attorney, Hilton Napoleon. "There's no justification for shooting an unarmed person who's talking to you and telling you that they don't have a gun and that they're a mental health counselor."

A second amateur video shows the aftermath, as officers with long guns searched both men.

"They cuff my hands and they flip me over. And I'm saying, 'sir, why did you shoot me?' and his words to me, he said, 'I don't know,'" Kinsey said.

The North Miami Police Department told the Miami Herald they were attempting to negotiate with the two men, when one of the repsonding officers discharged his weapon. He has been placed on administrative leave. The investigation has been turned over to the state attorney's office.