Fla. mom charged with attacking her child's classmate

Video footage from Tuesday, March 4 appears to show 35-year-old Irisdaly Rios in a physical altercation with a sixth grade girl in Hialeah, Fla.
CBS Miami

MIAMI - Police arrested a 35-year-old mother accused of attacking her daughter's middle school classmate on Tuesday afternoon, reports CBS Miami.

Irisdaly Rios was charged with battery Wednesday for allegedly getting into an altercation with a sixth grade girl outside Hialeah Middle School in Florida on Tuesday afternoon.

"It was crazy," said Damian Portal, an eighth grader at the school who recorded the altercation on his phone. Portal's mother, Marianne Blanco, had a strong reaction to the video and chose to post it online.

"I decided to post it on Facebook. I decided to post it on YouTube because I think that everyone has to know what's happening in school," Blanco told CBS Miami.


It started as a fight between the victim and Rios' sixth grade daughter, Portal said. According to the arrest report, Rios got out of her car and began arguing with her daughter's classmate. When the argument escalated, Rios allegedly started swinging at the victim.

"She got out of the car and saying she was going to hit her or whatever," Portal told CBS Miami. "She started holding and touching her and then she back away, she approached her and started swinging."

The arrest report states that the victim was bleeding from the neck after Rios allegedly scratched her. The young girl was also punched on the upper lip and defending herself by swinging back.

"We have to project love and safety for the kids. We can't project violence," said Blanco. "They have enough violence in video games, TV shows. They don't need that."

CBS Miami said that two different witnesses identified Rios as the primary aggressor in the fight. She declined to comment on the incident when reached by the station.