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Five Security Tips for Gmail Users

You use Gmail. I use Gmail. We all use Gmail. But are we using it safely? Maybe, but it's a good bet we could be safer.

To that end, the Official Gmail Blog lists five Gmail account security tips. For example, be wary of unexpected attachments:

To help protect you from viruses and malware, Gmail automatically scans every attachment when it's delivered to you, and again each time you open a message. Attachments you send are also scanned. That said, no system is foolproof, so if you happen to get an email from a friend with an attachment you didn't expect, don't be afraid to ask the sender what it is before you decide whether to open it.
Needless to say, that's smart advice whether you're using Gmail or not. Indeed, you could apply most of these tips to Yahoo, Hotmail, or your own mail server.

So fess up: Are you "practicing safe e-mail" (as defined here), or could your security measures use a little polishing? While you're mulling that over, check out these related posts: