Five guys cover One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful" on one piano

(CBS News) So a little over a month ago we saw one The Feed's favorites, cdza, do a very cool cover of a certain hit song by Jay Z and Kanye West where they had multiple people perform a rendition on a single piano. It was awesome. Well, now we've got ThePianoGuys with their own take, this time covering One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful". Take a look and listen.

ThePianoGuys have been featured here on The Feed multiple times for their creative and wonderful performances of both classic and news songs, and have managed to impress us again with their latest work. So is multiple musicians playing a single piano going to become a thing? Is it already a thing now and we're just late on getting the memo?  Either way, we hope so! It's awesome! More, please! And to check out more music from The Piano Guys, you can visit their YouTube page by clicking here.