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Fireworks in "bullet time" for the 4th of July

(CBS News) Are you celebrating Independence Day? Did you enjoy the movie "The Matrix"? Do you happen to like fireworks...? I hope you said "yes" to all three, because we're about to blend them together with fireworks in "bullet time" to celebrate the holiday above!

Is it just me or does it kinda feels like there's some sort of epic showdown going down ala the movie "Scarface"...? (Though with only one person and "Black Cats" instead of a Beretta.) The explosive tribute to the 4th of July was posted on YouTube by Jeremiah Warren, who was also highlighted last year for two unique firework perspectives, and writes about his holiday tribute:

At first I wasn't planning on doing a third July 4th video, but then I got this idea.
All of us here at The Feed love the concept and are happy you did it in the end! If you'd like to learn how the "bullet time" effect is done, Jeremiah has created a wonderful tutorial you can look at here. And to check out more visually fascinating works by Jeremiah Warren, be sure to see our previous posts featuring him by clicking here or you can go to his website by clicking here.
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